Marina Zorina was born in a small town of the Leningrad region.

She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the State Herzen University, St. Petersburg. Marina has received her master's degree with honors at the Department of Painting in 2017.

In St. Petersburg, which is her creative birthplace, Marina participated numerous master classes, exhibitions and competitions during several years.At the moment, Marina lives and works in Linz, Austria.

Marina works in the technique of multilayer oil painting. Her art was greatly influenced by the Russian academic school of painting. The motivation of Marina's works is the desire to convey the flow of life, to reflect it through the prism of her own perception. The versatility of nature is the main source of inspiration and the hero of her paintings. That is why plein air painting and nature motives are the main forms of work that the artist devoted herself to, because only in the "strict" conditions of the open-air the artist is able to fully realize the ideas. 

Each work of the artist is compositionally arranged, thought out and contains a complex color.

Each smear is a densely applied oil paint, recording every gesture, hand movement, reflection of the soul, energy and empathic experience of the artist.