Croatia is an amazing country, a great place for recreation and work.
What else does an artist need for inspiration and creativity?

Find some of my works below :-)

Marina held the painting lesson for pupils of the Russian school in Linz, Austria on 28.10.2017. Despite the features of water colors and difficulties to work with them, the works of the pupils were bright, saturated and interesting. All participants have enjoyed the experience.

In the Netherlands, there is a small town called Delft.

It conquers with its warm atmosphere, fantastic architecture, romantic streets and cozy courtyards.

This is one of those places that remains forever in the heart and in which one wants to return!

Such a place can not leave the artist indifferent!

This calendar is a present for my husband, 

Please use this Link to download the full version calendar, in the case if you are interested in such a calendar, please contact me.

Animalist exhibition of a group of artists, graduates of the Herzen University.

Marina has been the main organizer of the event.

The exhibition was held in May 2017

The first plein air in Austria!


Plein Air work s a unique phenomenon, during which the real magic is created!

Alone with nature you can learn it, understand yourself, discover something completely new.

Thanks to the impressionists that they opened this form of the artist's work!


We have printed the first Christmas postcards with the illustrations from the artist